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Hows that for a slice of Fried Gold? [entries|friends|calendar]
Shaun of the dead

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Shaun Drinking Game [28 Apr 2011|01:49pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Quite a few years back, I posted my version of the Shaun of the Dead drinking game here. All the other ones I found online sucked IMHO. Anyways, I'm gonna watch Shaun with my gf tonight and thought I'd refresh my brain with the old rules... but this comm has hundreds of entries and no tags or memories... So I just went ahead and rewrote them. Feel free to apply as many or as few rules as you want, depending on the desired level of inebriation... ENJOY!

Drink anytime...
1) The Winchester is mentioned
2) Someone says "You've got red on you..."
3) Anyone says "Phillip"
4) Any time there is a repeated line (eg "Top left. Reload.")
5) Ed mentions Barbara
6) There's foreshadowing (eg "You're dead" to the kid...)
7) Whenever Shaun is called "Pickle"
8) Whenever someone answers their phone

Finish your drink if/when...
1) You forget to groan with the zombies during White Lines
2) Someone in the party dies and/or turns into a zombie

If you're brave drink...
1) Whenever someone says "fuck" (see also: "It's 4 in the FUCKING morning..." See also: braindeath)
2) Whenever Shaun bashes a zombie with his cricket bat
3) Whenever David says something snarky and annoying

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[18 Nov 2009|12:12am]


by cakeyvoice
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CubeDude [28 Oct 2009|07:54pm]


by Angus MacLane
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15 Icons [03 Oct 2009|08:15pm]

icons. Doctor Who (mainly Ten, for doctorwho20in20), LOST, Shaun of the Dead (for tvfilm20), Ashes to Ashes.

here @ tryingtorevive
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14 Shaun of the Dead Icons [08 Sep 2009|11:03pm]

01-28 Inglourious Basterds cast
29-42 Shaun of the Dead
43-48 Fight Club


Rest are here @ my journal

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13 Shaun of the Dead Gifs [26 Jul 2009|03:45pm]

:: 22 Mock the Week icons (7x03)
:: 3 Mock the Week gifs (7x03)
:: 13 Shaun of the Dead gifs


here @ tryingtorevive
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[25 Jul 2009|11:13am]


You've got red on you
Fried Gold?

[30 Apr 2009|12:08pm]


Check Them Out!
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[26 Feb 2009|07:15pm]

There are things in the movie that I noticed, but could very well be reading into the movie far too much. I just wanted to get second opinions.

1. When Shaun goes into the corner market, he first picks up a Diet Coke and replaces it for a regular Coke.  Later, when he must prove himself to Liz/get her back, he replaces the regular for diet.  This echoed the "going to the gym" demand Liz had previously made.

2.  One of the albums in Shaun's record box, The Stone Roses, has a track called "Bye Bye Badman".  At the time this album was released, Shaun would have been 14, and it seems like a fitting track for him to listen to while dealing with his new stepfather who he wasn't too keen on.

3.  Shaun and Yvonne obviously have a past.  I couldn't help but think that maybe Liz knows her, too or possibly "stole" Shaun from her after they met in Greece.

4. Liz seems to be a faded version of a hip young adult.  And judging by Shaun's interest, he was like the dorky guy who got an awesome girlfriend eventually.  But, because of his routine-driven life, she is losing that spark she once had.

Any thoughts?
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lostzombies.com [07 Nov 2008|10:14pm]

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20 Shaun of the Dead Icons (10 quote icons) [26 Sep 2008|01:17pm]


Teasers: Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

The rest are here: You've got red on you
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First post [12 Jun 2008|07:26pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Hello! I come bearing Shaun icons :D


Just follow the fake cut to my icon journal ^_^


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6 icons [22 May 2008|05:55pm]

12 icons:
06 Less Than Zero
06 Shaun of the Dead


Check out the rest
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12 Random Movie Icons [01 Apr 2008|09:04pm]

~ Comment.
~ Credit ainabarad or ainabarad_icons.
~ Do not altar.
~ ENJOY!!! :)

01) 02) 03)

The rest are here @ ainabarad_icons. :)
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Fanon, Shaun of the Dead style [09 Feb 2008|02:52pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Okay, after watching SOTD for the hundredth time the other night, I picked up on a few things that I'd noticed before throughout the movie, but hadn't really taken the time to focus on. Namely, the evidence necessary for more than one fanon SOTD ship.

As far as most people are concerned, SOTD has only one main pairing: Shaun and Liz. The other canon ship is David and Dianne, whose relationship doesn't get half the screentime that S and L's does, but it's obviously there, nonetheless. However, I've gone through the film minute by minute, scene by scene, and I reckon that we can add a few fanon pairings to the list.

I refer to them as Shianne (Shaun/Dianne) and Led (Liz/Ed).

Moments that made me acknowledge these pairings are:


1. The look on Di's face the second time Shaun presses the intercom button. She decides to let him in.

2. The fight at Liz's after Shaun forgets to book the restaurant. Dianne moves to stand behind Shaun when he's being yelled at by Liz, who is backed up by David. When Shaun does his 'get f***ed four-eyes!' routine, she doesn't defend David, and deliberately looks away from him after Shaun's comment about Daffs loving Liz.

3. When Shaun returns to take Liz, David and Di to the Winchester, Dianne is the first to support him. David, Liz and Shaun himself seem surprised by this.

4. When David is talking about blocking up the window after Shaun leaves to distract the zombies, Dianne is the one who asks how he will be able to get back in if they do so. 

5. Dianne looks totally delighted when she hits John in the head with a dart and Shaun approves.

6. During Barbara's final scene, Dianne sits beside Shaun and sides with him over David on the matter of killing Barbara before she becomes a zombie. She also agrees with him when he claims that David loves Liz.

7. In the first shootout, Di stays particularly close to Shaun, and is shown clutching his shirt sleeve tightly in one shot.

8. When Shaun lists the people he couldn't save down in the cellar, Di's name is mentioned first (potential coincidence, but what the heck.)


1. During the first scene in the pub, Liz assures Shaun and Ed that her problem with having him around all the time is not due to a dislike for Ed - "Ed, it's not that I don't like you." 

2. In Ed's "Sup n****s?" scene where he pulls up in the Jag, Liz looks like she's trying to suppress a smile.

3. In the pub, when Liz requests that Ed get her a double vodka, he does so without hesitation. (Though that could be due to the fact that Kate is scary when she's mad.)

4. Ed asks Liz for the quid to play the pinball machine, rather than David or Dianne. They share a smile as Liz hands the money over.

5. In Barbara's last scene, you can quite clearly see Ed's hand on Liz's shoulder. In one frame after David cocks the rifle, Liz's hand is seen dropping back to her lap. I asked my little sis about this - she thinks Liz was holding Ed's hand; a little supprotive gesture they might've shared.

6. When the zombies come through the front door as well as the side entrance and Ed suggests using cocktails, Liz supports him without question. Ed hands over the rifle to her, rather than passing it over to Shaun.

7. Liz stares at Ed almost through the whole sequence behind the bar as if she can't believe he's still alive.

8. When Shaun is blaming himself for everything that went wrong down in the cellar, Liz hesitates before leaving Ed to sit with him.

9. Liz's voice breaks slightly when she tells Ed she loves him as she goes up in the lift with Shaun. Ed smiles as he replies with his casual "Cheers!" comment in return.

10. In the Plot Holes section of my DVD, there is a part in which Ed explains how he became a zombie and got to Shaun's garden shed. His final few sentences are:

"He tempted me back to his house under cover of night, using himself as bait, and locked me in the shed where I've been existing for six months, while Shaun puts me through a rigourous training program. I no longer get the urge to eat him, although...I wouldn't mind giving Liz a nibble...hehehe."

So, I reckon there's potential for fanon ships in SOTD. I would love to read any comments you guys have - whether you've got a secret fanon SOTD ship, think I'm on the right track or think I've maybe had a bit too much to drink and am reading too much into the film, let me know. I'm sure there are others out there like me, though.

P.S I have a suspicion that most of the subtle affectionate moments between Liz and Ed are more due to Nick maybe having a slight attraction to Kate than the characters themselves. In the EPK featurette on the DVD, he quotes "There's comedy, and if you don't like that then there's the living dead, and if you don't like that there's Kate Ashfield, HELLO?"

Or maybe he just thought she was cute. Who knows?

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12 HP & SOTD Valentine's Day Gift Photo Icons [29 Jan 2008|02:02pm]

Comment with what you take.
Credit ainabarad_icons when you use any.

01) 02) 03)

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[27 Jan 2008|07:32am]

[12] - Shaun of the Dead

More here @ samanthavnr.

Hey, I'm New [20 Jan 2008|01:02pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Wassup guys? I'm a long time lurker, first time poster, massive SOTD fan, blah blah blah...
My fave character is Ed but I'm quite fond of Liz and, of course, Shaun himself.

Was prompted to join in order to fill a request from about a month ago where somebody needed Liz icons *see below entry*. Well, see a need, fill a need. Here are 10 Liz icons that I made today while I still have PSCS2 before my computer is sold *cries*.

Not behind a cut because there aren't that many of them.




P.S Is anyone interested in doing a SOTD fic challenge? I have a really good idea for one, which I'd be glad to share if you guys think it's worthwhile.

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I'm new here....Hi! [15 Dec 2007|11:08pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Yep, I'm new. I just joined here. I love all your icons! I thought I would post some of my old SOTD ones :D :

1)  2)  3)  4)  5)

They're not great but I hope you like them. I made them a while ago. Thanks for letting me share! =]

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[07 Dec 2007|09:21pm]

8 Shawn of the Dead Icons.


link to my icon journal

WARNING: This post is remain unlocked for a short amount of time. Then it will become friends only.
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