MoD//an idea...

i was just thinking of something that we could do as a community, and one idea i had was that everyone submits a picture of themselves & their significant other [names too!], along with your anniversary date ... so i can post all our members on either the user*info page or a connecting page?
what do you all think???
i really want this community to do well ~ and i hope you all do too.

pLuS~ i*m open to any ideas for this community from all of you!

thanx so much :]

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MoD//just checking in :]

hello everyone!
just thought i would drop in & see how everyone is doing!
i*m doing pretty is over & new years is coming SooN!

if anyone wants to share christmas/new years stories [involving the one you love] please post them!

and as are ~gReAt~
pLeAse share!

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MoD// just checking in!

hello members!
sorry this community isn*t as up to standards as most of you would expect [heck, i expect it too!]
but as i*ve said*s hard to promote with no banners...if you just type:

come check out _sharethelove_ a community for those in love!

you don*t get much response to that.

so if aNyOnE can make one, or has a lj friend who can...i will be indebted to you.

L♥Ve to all~


MOD//2nd post

hello to all!
i would love it if you would share with everyone [i know, there*s only ~4~ right now!] how you and your special someone met.
or the cutest thing they*ve ever done.
or even a favorite picture.

let*s get this community started!!!



hi everyone! my name is tosha & this is my community!

this is a community for people to share their love.
they can post stories, pictures, whatever they like.
if it*s anything about being in love, everyone is more than welcome to share.


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