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Share That Noise!

Share that noise!
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Welcome to the Share That Noise community!!

This a a community designed specifically for the sharing and promotion of extreme music, noise, experimental, breakcore, gabber, rotterdam, deathindustrial, darkambient, necro electronics, eGrind, feedback, static, moogs, and bass everywhere. Feel more than welcome to self promote or overpost in here, send out updates of upcoming noise shows, news or events in the noise world, and anything interesting that may catch all of our attention. Remember, mp3s and album are absolutely LOVED in this community.

You can upload your tracks to sites like http://yousendit.com or http://megaupload.com ... or if you want to do it half-assed, go make a Geocities or Angelfire page. Your own server would be the most reliable source to upload tracks to seeing as most other hosting websites have shitty service and quick expirations.

When posting a song/album/ or artist, I'd like to have it in this format:

Song and / or album:
Specific Style of Genre:

Remember, if you download music, its fine, fuck teh RIAA, but try to support the music you like, things are not cheap in this world.
All in all, just have fun, and whore out that noisey noise noise!!

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#schlange_kind#, 45 rpm, 8 bit, 909, a beautiful lotus, alec empire, anal explosion, anal grind, anal mayonnaise, anal noise, anally aborted fetus, antihuman, atari teenage riot, atomly, aube, avantgarde, bass drums, bass terror crew, bleach black, bloody fist, bong ra, bound and decaying, bound within you, breakcore, breakcorists, bugz in the attic, bullshit market, c8, chipset, cobra killer, cockrockdisco, d.i.y., dark jungle, darkambient, ddm, deathindustrial, dhc, diallektrik, digital hardcore, digital noise, disco noise, distorted dance music, distortion, dj geneocide, dj inqbus, dj noisekick, dj redskeÿe, dj scud, domu, donna summer, doormouse, drill n bass, drop the lime, dsc, dub, duran duran duran, elektrosniper, experimental, experimental electronics, extreme music, fanny, far from showbiz, feralcatscan, fff, fuzzy kitten dance machine, gabba, gabber, genesis p. orridge, glitch, glitchcore, gore beyond necropsy, government alpha, grindcore, hard techno, hardcore, harshnoise, hecate, hentai cum dungeon, hindu pez, hive mind, idm, indie noise artists, industrial hardcore, ironlung, japanoise, lo fi, lobit, mash-up, mashcore, masonna, merzbow, ministry of shit, mothers against noise, musique concrete, necro electronics, neverberated, nine inch nails, nkp, noise, noise musicians, noise remixes, noisicians, noize, noizegrind, non, obliette, passenger of shit, pi, planet mu, political noise, poor quality, producer snafu, ragga, raggacore, redsk, retro virus, roland, roland tb-303, roland tr-909, rotterdam, rotterdam terror corps, sampling, scream noise, serialchildfucker, shitmat, sickboy, skeeter, slayv axis, slowbass, snares, society suckers, soundclick artists, soviet media kontrol, speedcore, tape music, technoise, terminal dusk, terror ebm, the boredoms, the gerogerigegege, throbbing gristle, turntablism, uterus kitten, venetian snares, video noise, visual noise, whitehouse, xanopticon, zhark, zyklon {b}