getting the ball rolling.

so okay. i'll start with an easy one.
bullets vs. three cheers.

when my chemical romance released their album entitled 'three cheers for sweet revenge' there seemed to be hundreds of kids in awe; all wanting a piece of the frontman, gerard way. many of them, even now, may not even know that three cheers is mcr's second album [hm. teenies]; the first being 'i brought you my bullets, you brought me your love'. & from that, i'd know which i'd put my money on.

but which is the better of the two? personally, bullets. hands down. it's the album that was the definition of mcr. bullets has more consistency & never fails to impress me. it takes the foundation of the mcr & proceeds to build that up. & to the very thing that makes mcr that bit different. three cheers, however, a good album though it may be, just didn't have that edge that the first album had & still does have. many will, & have, argued with me & said that three cheers is catchier, being ultimately the better one. but who said i was looking for catchy?

opinions please.
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