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Shakira Grafix

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Shakira Grafix

♥ About:

This is a community for any kind of Shakira graphics.

♥ Rules:

1. Respect the user, poster, and Shakira, Bashing will not be tolerated, and will cause immidiate banning...

2. If Posting more than three icons or posting big graphics, please use LJ-CUT TAG

3. CREDIT If you use another person's graphic, please credit them!

4. ABSOLUTELY NO HOTLINKING, there's various places where you can host a graphic, if you can't find any places, just email me, i have tons of links where i'm sure one of them can work for you.

♥ Making Requests

1. Under Subject please put "Request" so we can know it's a request.

2. If you post pictures, please make sure they're under a LJ-CUT TAG or just post the links to the picture.

3. It takes personal time to do a request, please do not flood the users LJ or make new posts about your request, have patience.

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