swimming in my own spit (hauntingwords) wrote in _sexysexy,
swimming in my own spit


Basic Information

 1. Name: Doug

 2. Date of birth: 08.01.87

3. Location: NJ :( I hate it here. The air here makes it so hard to breathe!

4. Sex: M

5. Do you have a significant other? Nope. :) (If so, post a picture.)

Favorites (List as many as possible)

6. Bands/Artists: Korn, Otep, Jack Off Jill (my fav band <3), Switchblade Symphony, My Ruin, Hungry Lucy, Rasputina, Queen Adreena, Human Waste Project, Scarling and Kidney Thieves.

7. Movies: The Birds, The Exorcist (i'm obsessed with it...it's so different), Puppet Master vs. Demonic Toys, Stigmata and 50 first dates (it made me cry :\...) ohhh and white chicks...it cracks me up.

8. Books/Authors: I honestly don't enjoy reading very often...I have a short-attention span for reading...but i LOVE writing. weird, huh? i did like one book though...anne frank. it made me cry...

9. Magazines: ehhh...the majority of them piss me off...

Et cetera

10. Captain is sexy.

11. What is the best halloween costume you've ever had? when I dressed up like a ghetto black girl, that i named "Keisha".

12. What did you eat for breakfast this morning? I slept through the morning. I had burger king for lunch though. =D

13. What do you want to be when you grow up? hmm...well i'm going to college for nursing...but i would love to be involved with a band somehow. like a lyricist or photographer for a band.

14. How do you like your eggs? None, thanks. :)

15. Draw a [small] picture of yourself in paint.

16. What is the most embarrassing CD you own? ...nsync. aggghhh...i was 14 and i was in boscovs with my mom, and something posessed me (must have been FOR REAL) to get it.

17. Notebooks: College rule or wide rule?wide rule :D

18. What are some good lyrics? Jack Off Jill ~ Strawberry Gashes and Otep ~ Buried Alive

19. Are you conservative/liberal/other? Other. I agree with views on all sides...i guess maybe independent? I dunno.

20. Name some things that you really hate. Friends that treat you like a bitch when they're around THEIR friends. Bitchy co-workers. Overly-Christian Christians.

Pictures (At least four)

(from newest to oldest) (this was from when i was blonde for a day...it was nice, but i didn't like it enough :\)   ||



k thank you. bye :)

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