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This will be the last post calling for active members. ALL active members please post here so we know you are still active. Please post a NEW 150x150 picture for the members page. Any one who does not post to say they are still active WILL be removed as we are trying to make this community more active

Sorry if it sounds bitchy but me and vicky want to get this community up and running again!

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Hey everyone I am busy again

Health and Wlfare decided to generously give me $3900.00
so I've been shopping, and getting ready to move out and get a new computer
I got a cell phone, a new video card... and such.

so I will be busy getting ready to move!
Matthew and I both need a new place and a good roomate and so we're moving in together.
to a 2 bedroom. We might get a puppy too!!!
I"M SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!

You can E-mail me at
or catch me on that same name on MSN messenger

so mods if you need anything please E-mail me because I'll still be checking my E-mail
and I'll be on messenger while I'm shopping online

Withdrawing My Application

I'm sorry but due to the recent app that was posted after mine and the controvercy that resulted, I'm afraid I don't think I'm going to fit in here. Honestly I probably would have been harsher than those other people were to that girl and I don't want to be in a community where I am not going to mesh well with the mods or other members. 15 is, in my opinion, quite old enough to be able to have decent answers to the questions on the app. I don't see one thing wrong with the way that those members responded because that girl was ridiculous in her answers and nothing they said makes them in any way "elitists". being intelligent and expecting applicants to meet certain standards of intelligence is perfectly acceptable. anyway, I just don't want to be the one getting bitched at for being honest if I am acceptable and I can already see that my standards are going to be too high to match those that are currently being held for the applicants so I am going to leave. Thankyou for the votes I received and I wish everyone here good luck with the community and maybe i'll see you guys around on lj in a setting where we are more compatible.