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SEXY: tending to arouse sexual desire LUSCIOUS: having strong sexual appeal

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All Members , Moderated

Information page and layout graphics by consentida_


1. Be nice to each other. Drama will not be tolerated! If there's a dispute the mods will handle it.
2. Vote and be active. When you vote, put your vote ("yes" or "no" or some more colorful variation if you'd like) in the subject line. It makes the mods jobs of vote counting much easier.
3. Themes and contests will be held regularly. Please participate as much as you possibly can.
4. Picture posts are highly encouraged. Let's try and keep this community active.
5. Feel free to make text-only posts. If they're long put them behind an LJ-cut, though.
6. All posts should be made FRIENDS ONLY. If they aren't, you will be asked to change it. If you dont change it within 3 days of being warned, it will be erased, and no points will be rewarded.
7. If you are going on hiatus please let the head MOD know.

1. You have to be at least age 15 to apply. If you're younger and really want to apply, join the comm and leave a post with the subject reading "Underage Request" and explain to us why you think you're qualified to join at a younger age. If you're a month away from your 15th birthday, that would be a good example for an "Underage Request." If you're 13, don't bother! Believe us, we'll be able to tell.
2. Be respectful to members and mods. This is a rating community. By applying here you are asking us what we think of you, so we're going to tell you. If you can't handle the truth...don't apply. Under no circumstance will we tolerate an applicant who gets bitchy with us. You'll just get banned and that will be the end of it.
3. You can comment on your own app but please don't do it excessively. For instance, don't thank everyone who gives you a "YES" because that's just annoying and makes it harder to count your votes. But, if there's something that catches your eye and you'd like to comment on, feel free.
4. Answer all the application questions, they're on there for a reason, we want to get to know you. If you dont answer all of the questions, it gives you a lesser chance of getting in.
5. Write "Am I Sexy Luscious" in the subject line so we know you read the rules.
6. EVERYTHING goes under an LJ-cut, and we mean it. (<*lj-cut text="Application"*>) minus the *'s. If you can't do this, then we dont need you in our community.
7. Please preview your post and make sure your pictures work. It's beyond annoying when people post an app with broken picture links. If we can't see you, we can't vote. Also, DO NOT do it in rich text format. We did the HTML for you...just copy and paste onto the regular update page. It can't get much easier than that.


The Basics
6)Status: (please post a picture if possible)
7)Interests/Hobbies (list as many as possible):
8)Obsessions (you know you have atleast one):

9)Favorite Movies:
10)Favorite TV Shows:
11)Favorite bands/artists

Fun Application Questions
12)Who do you think is the sexiest celebrity alive?
13)If you could live one place in the world, where would it be?
14)If you could live your life as a fictional movie/TV/book character, who would it be and why?

About The Community
15) How did you hear about _sexy_luscious? (if promoted to by a person, give the LJ name)
16) Why should we accept you?
17) Promote us in 2 places that allow promotion and show the links (if you're not sure, don't promote there. It doesnt have to be in LJ either, you can post anywhere people can find us(i.e, myspace!).
18) Post a picture of your best friend!
19) Post a 120x120 picture that we can put on the member page. If you don't know how, we'll do it for you.
20) Post at least 4 clear pictures of yourself for us to vote on:

To apply, copy and paste this into your post.

Like some communities, _sexy_luscious incorporates a point system to keep members active. After every 200 points a member accumulates, they earn an auto-accept or auto-reject. They can use this to auto-accept/reject any new applicant. If you invite a friend and the votes are going against her and you have 200 points, you can use an auto-accept on her. Simple. The same applies if you simply don't like an applicant. Use an auto-reject and she's automatically rejected. However, anyone auto-rejected can apply again so be careful how you use them. Now, here's a summary of how you can receive points will be listed:

1. Get the items in a Scavenger Hunt: +20 pts. (you get an addition +5 points if you include any pictures that you have taken of at least one of the items. Make sure you specify which picture(s) is/are yours with an asterisk (*)
2. Participate in a theme: +15 pts.
3. Make a picture post: +10 pts. (limit of 2 per week)
4. Make a banner for the community: +20 pts. per banner (limit of no more than 3 banners in a post,and one post a week.That means, you will only get points for 3 banners in that 1 post per week.)! Banners can be promotional "join" banners, accepted and/or rejected banners or any other that you think the comm could use. If one of your banners is accepted on the main page as an "official" banner: an additional +40 pts. will be awarded to you.
6. If you enter a contest you will recieve 10pts. (yes, 10pts. for just entering!) and the winner will recieve an additional 40 pts.!
7. Sexy Luscious Hottie of the Month Winner: +50 pts. for the upcoming month.
8. Text Posts are worth 5pts.,write about anything, please make the subject interesting!
9. For every promotion you make, i'll give 5 pts. If they apply you will get 10pts, plus the 5 from before. If we accept your applicant, not only do you get the 15pts from before, but you also get an extra 15pts, so thats a total of 30pts.
10. Create a salute. Salutes are worth 15 pts. It can be to a member, a MOD, or for the community. THIS IS FOR MEMBERS ONLY!

SCAVENGER HUNT-June 26th to July 3rd
Find the following items and post pictures of them:
1. a baby gorilla
2. a group shot of the new cast of "Real World: Austin"
3. palmer's cocobutter
4. the cd cover of miami's very own "Pretty Ricky"
5. some one touching their tongue to their nose (5 point give away)
6. a pregnancy test
7. someone crossing their eyes (another 5 pt. give away)
8. nemo
9. a blue bandana
10. a yellow highlighter

THEME-June 26th to July 3rd
THEME OF THE WEEK- Post pictures of your favorite thing to do when your bored. Some people like reading, so take a picture of you reading, or a book, etc.

Weekly Quiz Contest
The rules are this: not open yet

Weekly Quiz Contest-


The person who accumulates the most points for a given month will be named Hottie of the Month and will have their picture posted on this info page and for the following month their vote on new applicants will count as TWO votes.

The Sexy Luscious Hottie of the Month for May is...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
bloodbarbie Kristina