Are you sexy enough?

.....We'll let you know!

Sexy Enough? We'll let you know!
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-Accepted Members-
title or description promote
title or description vote on all new applicants
title or description no bitching at the mods
title or description be as active as possible
title or description always use LJ cut if you are posting more than one picture
title or description NO promoting other communties unless you are given permission by one of the mods
title or description If you do not vote and keep busy you will be kicked out
title or description ALWAYS put stamped in the subject line of your post
title or description MUST put reasons for why you voted the way you did when voting, or else your vote will not be counted and deleted

title or description must be AT LEAST 14 to apply, NO exceptions
title or description must use LJ cut
title or description use clear pictures
title or description subject line must read "Am I sexy enough?" so we know youve read the rules
title or description The answer to the question "Why should you be accepted?" should say 'because I read the rules'
title or description no fighing with stamped members, escpecially the mods
title or description use good grammar
title or description MUST bold questions, if you dont know how just ask
title or description Must promote, if you dont your app will be deleted AND you must promote either in another persons journal OR a community your already in, NO promoting in "pimp my community" type places OR your own journal, this doesnt count!
title or description if you are rejected LEAVE the community, and you may re-apply within one week with DIFFERENT pictures
title or description If you do NOT read the rules, and one of these requirments is not met, your app will be deleted and you must re-apply

title or description
Samantha swtrapturedlite

*The First 10*
Beth hitfig8788
Suzie welfare_xmas
Jerica _azzy_
Leigh cutieleigh_p3
Brittany pinkpixie___xo
Rachel sleeplesinocent
Nichole ooonicholeooo
Samantha false_h0pe_x
Lauren laur_hearts_u
Bonnie you_got_phoned

*Accepted Members*
Pam xpullthetrigerx
Alysia beautifullegend
Kandis lostxtears
Allison fishman2288
Maggie magster831
Elisa falllingforever
Elyse xspngbobsbitchx
Lauren flann
Brooke br00klelyn
brittany omg_its_brit
Lara i_cantmydarling



1. Name
2. Age
3. Birthday
4. Location
5. Dating Status

1. Top 5 bands
2. Top 5 Singers
3. TV Shows
4. Food
5. Books
6. Movies

1. Abortion
2. War in Iraq
3. Death Penality
4. Gay Marriage

1. Name ONE fun fact about yourself
2. Peircings/tattoos?
3. Make us laugh
4. Why should you be accepted?
5. Promote us and PROVE it

Now post AT LEAST 3 clear pictures of yourself

~Promo Banners~
To promote copy and paste the link below the pic into a comment or an entry and remove all the * or else they wont work

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<*a href="http://www.livejournal.com/community/_sexy_ladies_/"*><*img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v359/SareLee6688/promolindsey.bmp"*><*/a*>

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