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Hey Everyone!
I don't know if this is out of line for me to do since I'm not a mod...but I used to have a lot of fun in this community, and then I wasn't able to remain active because my computer was not able to access the internet for a while... but I figured maybe we could really try to get this back up and running! I thought maybe the community could gain a little bit of speed if we made some new promotional banner type things like I did a while ago. I don't know...just an idea.

And also...if anyone has any Spring Break picture or plans we should post!
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Recovery Benefit Show

This is the Russ portion of the pics from The Recovery's benefit with us, She Kills, and Krull.
Most of the captions won't make sense unless you're from the Winnipeg scene, so ignore them?

Krull is:
Tyler Morrisson
Zach Treble
three metalheads, and I don't know their names

Abbott Prison Blues is:
TJ Morand
Kevin O'Leary
Brent Adams
Eric Dupaquier
TJ Stevenson on guest vox

The Recovery is:
Nick Rogocki
Ryan Roemer
Jordan Heppner
Tim Halbert
Matt Hallick
TJ Morand on guest vox

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Alot of things have been happening since i last updated.
My grandfather just died, and things have been hectic(sp.?)
Things were getting better, but then i found out my OTHER grandfather had a stroke, and is having open heart surgery tonight. So I'm a mess. I took some pictures of the past few days, and some of me because i was really bored.


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Yeah, I'm thinking of shutting down the community because no one is participating or promoting. The community is pretty much dead. If you guys want to keep it going then do something about it or else I'll close it down.
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