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Here, you can post pictures of...anything to do with your instrument. Pin-ups, drawings, whatever, as long as it has to do with your instrument (or guard). You don't even have to be able to play one, as long as you have access to one so you can cam-whore here. This IS a rating community, mostly because if we have to look at pictures of you, we might as well love you first =D The chances of you not getting in are probably slim.

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~Community Rules~
- In order to post pin-up style pictures, you must be at least 14 and look it. If you're 14 and look 11, forget it.
- No nudity. Wear as little as you want [or as much as you want] but if it is deemed inappropriate, it will be deleted.
- All pictures must be behind a cut. Don't know how to do one?
<*lj-cut text="yourtexthere"> Just take out the star.
You can write whatever you want before or after the cut, but if your pictures are not behind a cut, the post will be deleted.
- Constructive criticism for members is fine, but no hostility.
- Breaking a rule three times will result in a ban.
- When making your first post after being accepted, put "just stamped" in the subject.

~Application Rules~
- You must be 13 or older to apply.
- You must apply within 2 days of joining.
- If you are rejected the first time you apply, you may apply again in a week. [Your application better be different, otherwise you'll probably get rejected again] If you get rejected the second time, wait a month or so and apply again.
- You must have the majority of yes's to get accepted. If you have 50/50, it is the moderators' choice.
- Applications must be under a cut or it will be deleted!
- When applying, the subject must say "I love my [instrument here]" to show you have read the rules.
- Applications will be judged equally on looks and personality. Members may be as harsh as they want on application votes.
- Iyf U tYpe LYKe DiS u WyLl gEt ReJeCtEd. Speak English.

The Application
Copy and paste this exactly, but take out the stars!
<*b>Instruments played/How long</b>:

<*b>TV Shows</b>:

<*b>Thoughts On...</b>
<*b>Gay Marriage</b>:
<*b>Ashlee Simpson</b>:
<*b>Lindsay Lohan</b>:
<*b>Each of the mods [be honest]</b>:

<*b>Promote in at least two places, at least one should be a community</b>. Provide links:

<*b>At least three clear pictures of yourself</b>:

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Name: Brittany
Age: 15
Location: Sarasota, FL
Instruments played/How long: Clarinet [3 1/2 years] Sax [1 year]
Hobbies: Writing, dancing, practicing clarinet, circus

Bands/singers: CKY, Lacuna Coil, Flaw, Lennon Murphy, Avril Lavigne, 'N Sync, From Autumn To Ashes
Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Jawbreaker, Gia
Books: Old Magic, You Don't Know Me
TV Shows: Charmed, Will & Grace, Everybody Loves Raymond

Thoughts On...
Abortion: Pro-choice. Everyone deserves a second chance, but abortion should not be thought of as a method of birth control.
Gay Marriage: Love is love.
Ashlee Simpson: Ripping off her sister's success. Her sister did everything she did, but she did it first, and better.
Lindsay Lohan: She was cute when she was younger but now she's just another slutty Hollywood actress with breast implants.

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Name: Ashley
Age: 15
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Instruments played/How long: Trumpet/4 years
Hobbies: anything band related, spending time with my friends, reading, the internet, my boyfriend

Bands/singers: Jason Mraz, Relient K, Something Corporate, Brand New, Gavin Degraw, Green Day
Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Anchorman, The Notebook
Books: Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, anything by Sarah Dessen, Traveling Pants series, Harry Potter
TV Shows: One Tree Hill, Extreme Home Makeover, VH1 countdowns

Thoughts On...
Abortion: I believe that if you have sex, you should be responsible enough to accept the consequences of your action. On the other hand, I also belive that nobody should be able to tell anyone what to do with their body.
Gay Marriage: Gay couples deserve the same rights as straight couples.
Ashlee Simpson: She's talented and has to deal with way too much crap from people. It's not fair. On the other hand, she wouldn't have made it anywhere if it weren't for her sister. But hey, isn't that what it's all about? Knowing the right people?
Lindsay Lohan: She tries way too hard. It's the pressures of Hollywood getting to her.