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Name: Debbie
Age: 17
Location: Dingmans Ferry, PA
Instruments played/How long: Flute (7) Piano (8) Tenor Sax (1) Mello (3) F Horn (2) Marimbas (1) Bass Guitar (1)
Hobbies: Music of course, Internet, Video games, Swimming, Reading, Writing, Philosphy

Disturbed, Fall Out Boy, Pink Floyd, George Gershwin, Yellowcard, The White Stripes, Ewan McGregor/Nicole Kidman
Movies: Moulin Rouge, Finding Nemo, Aladdin, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Dodgeball
Books: The Blue Nowhere, Dragons of Autumn Twilight [can you say "loser?"], Bones
TV Shows: Family Guy,Law & Order: SVU, Home Movies, Robot Chicken, MXC

Thoughts On...
Very against it...I think it's awful how people use it as birth control
Gay Marriage: For is love.
Ashlee Simpson: She's yuck. She has a very cute jewelry line, though.
Lindsay Lohan: She was pretty but now she's kinda weird-looking.
Each of the mods [be honest]: Well I don't know them, but hopefully I will soon. To come up with a community like this they must be bitchin. ;D

Promote in at least two places, atleast one should be a community. Provide links: Mkay!

Atleast three clear pictures of yourself: Mkay!

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