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So it turns out that Hurricane Dennis didn't destroy too much.
Our school is effed up pretty bad. Media is saying that it's the worst out of the all the schools that got hit.
I got to walk inside there the other day to put together drill charts and it smells so bad. We have barely any roof left, our gym is screwed over, and there was dog poo in the band room.

But band camp lives on!
I leave tomorrow morning at 6:30 to go to Troy University in Troy, Alabama.
I won't be back until either Friday or Saturday.
If anyone is up in that region, feel completely free to come up & see us on Thursday.
We have alumni, parents, family and friends come on Thursdays to see how much work we got done. We have our own messed up version of a talent show that evening. If anyone does come up, I wanna meet you! Just ask anyone for bari sax section leader...or the girl bari...or uh...the short one...and they'll point you in the right direction. ;)

I'll come back with TONS of pictures. (Hurrah for a 256 MB memory card!)

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Oh! And I get to go to DCI at Troy on the 26th!
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