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band camp! YAY!

Hey guys, just letting you know, I'm not going to be active for a while.

I work at a [non-school-related] band camp, in Superior, WI. N. Y. M. P. So, I'll be back in about four weeks, more or less.

Anyhoo, what's the fun in just a text post? I wanna post pictures!

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Last year, when they didn't have a lot of percussion -- the put me back there! (This was odd, because I never played percussion before) I definately learned something. Notice the BASS sax!!! Only one I've seen in real's so SWEET.

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Wow, band camp councelors are really goofy... (I'm the blonde one that's tall...)

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This ended up to be a tradition...

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Another one of our traditions, playing DDR at band camp! It's a competition as an activity one of the's a blast. (I'm playing).

Yeah. So I suppose that wasn't really interesting to you, but yeah.


Hopefully I'll have some more pictures for y'all when I get back from camp...

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