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I believe that I'm leaving because of that dang Hurricane Dennis coming.
So, consider me inactive until I come back.
Last time, with Ivan, it was a good month and a half before I had internet back.
My dad said that if it comes up into the Escambia Bay, then it would be just like we lived on the beach...So, no house for me.
If I do come back and still have a house, woo-hoo!
I'm pretty sure that a bunch of us are going to Atlanta, while my dad stays here and protects the house...I guess.
My mom said he was an idiot.

Oh, and this sucks. This stupid hurricane might cause us to NOT go to band camp!
That's just not fair! I had plans for messing with freshmen this year!!

x-posted in all my communities.
I'm too lazy to put them all up again like I usually do.
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