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Its been a week so i am reapplying

Name: Alicia    
Age: 15
Location: Michigan
Instruments played/How long: Clarinet (5 years), Alto Saxophone (Less than a year), Trumpet (less than a year).
Hobbies: Playing Clarinet, band stuff, hanging out with my friends, sleeping, reading, going to movies, watching TV, Ballet, and Pointe.

Bands/singers: Aerosmith, Queen, Yellowcard, Lynard Skynard, and Pink Floyd
Movies: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Wizard of Oz
Books: Bloomability, and Harry Potter
TV Shows: Friends, OC, The Simpsons, and Family Guy

Thoughts On...
Abortion: I think it defiantly depends on the situation. If you where raped then the person should defiantly be able to get one because who wants to bring a baby into the world under those circumstances. I would never get one done because I would feel like I have to take responsibility for my actions.
Gay Marriage: I think if they love each other they should go for it. The government stands for all people being created equal and banning gay marriage would be going against that belief. Also when banning gay marriage that is violating the separation of church and state.
Ashlee Simpson: She cannot sing at all. Her voice is all raspy and scratchy I really don’t like it but she has one thing going for her she is smarter than her sister.
Lindsay Lohan: She is a slut, but she used to have gorgeous red hair but then she died it blonde and she is ugly and anorexic. I loved the parent trap and mean girls but those are about the only two movies I liked with her in them.
Each of the mods [be honest]: They are awesome!

Promote in atleast two places, atleast one should be a community. Provide links:

Atleast three clear pictures of yourself:

This is me i was at my friends house and she has a pool table so i decided to put the chalk on my face and make a beard!


This is me with straight hair


This is me with my clarinet.




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