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Hey everyone, first time poster...

My name is Drew Wilkie. I'm a sophmore (18) music education major at Rowan University in Glassboro, NJ. I'm pretty much a lead trumpet whore, as that's all I do at Rowan. I play lead in the jazz band, lead in the pep band, lead in the lab band, principal in the concert band, and I also play with the wind ensemble. I also play Bb and Eb soprano cornet with The Atlantic Brass Band, which competes at the NABBA championships in Chicago each year. In addition, we go on a 10-day tour of Italy every other summer. Also, in 2003, I marched upper lead trumpet with The Cadets drum and bugle corps. I plan on going back when (and if) my schedule slows down, but I've also spent time in the interim as upper lead/solo soprano with The Hawthorne Caballeros drum and bugle corps.

I use a Schilke X3 extra large bore Bb trumpet, Strad 229/25H large bore C trumpet (though I hate Bach instruments, including this one), a Yamaha 8310X custom large bore flugelhorn, and a Kanstul Powerbore soprano bugle in G for senior corps. For legit work, I use a small letters Bach 3C (horrible mouthpiece). For lead (most of my work), I use a GR 63M, which has a 3C cup and a 9C rim. For flugel work, I use a Stork Custom Vacchiano 4FL.

I have a webshots page:


If anyone is interested, my girlfriend Stevi (short for Stefani) is the girl in my Rowan University album of my webshots. She's a vocal major, she'll be 20 in October, and she yells at me...oddly enough, I'm crazy about her.

I also have a web page, with some awful but funny soundclips of my boredom and subsequent use of bad double C's.


Alrighty, just wanted to introduce myself. Don't be strangers.

AIM: drewwilkie86
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