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I am so picture crazy. I think i have waaaaay too many in this post.

The Application
Instruments played/How long:Clarinet 7 years, alto sax 1 year
Hobbies: Of course I love band and all band-type things but I am obsessed with photoshop and photography. I have two digital cameras and I always have them with me. I love to edit pictures and print them and EVRYTHING about them.

Bands/singers:Fall out boy, coldplay, green day, yellowcard, something corporate, the entire cast from wicked, queen, dashboard confessional, ben folds, anna nalick, my chemical romance(helena!!!) and oh so much more
Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, King Arthur, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, National Treasure, Harry potter, Finding Neverland, 13 going on 30
Books:Harry Potter, anything by Dan Brown(Anegls and Demons) the devil wears prada, best friends by martha moody, the dante club, lullaby
TV Shows:ALIAS! The OC, Desperate Housewives, Extreme home makeover, everwood, house

Thoughts On...
Abortion:In cases of rape and medical emergencies I'm all for it(in the first trimester) Other than that it is your fault that you are carrying a child--deal with it and if you don't want it put the baby up for adoption.
Gay Marriage:What people do in the privacy of their homes is their business. However it is not up to the govt. to say can not be married. See there is this thing called seperation of church and state(yeah I know it's a weird concept that's only been around since the 1700's!!!)
Ashlee Simpson:My god. Do not get me started on how much I dislike people who live off the siblings fame.
Lindsay Lohan: I used to like her. Mean Girls was funny. Since she is now blonde and anorexic i am finding her less appealing as a person.
Each of the mods [be honest]:Mod 1: Can I be your friend. We can talk about our clarinets and sweet music and EVERYTHING. Mod 2: I'll be your friend toooo.
Promote in atleast two places, atleast one should be a community. Provide links:

Atleast three clear pictures of yourself:

Image hosted by
Such a bad picture of me. I hate it. However I am using dial up and don't feel like waiting 3 years to upload newer pics from this month.

Image hosted by
Me and my best friend Lauren(who is senior dm and plays french horn)

Image hosted by
Me and my very excellent friend Kevin(!!!) who plays SNARE this year.
At homecoming. It was raining.

Image hosted by
My squad and I. We have squads of four people to do drill in.I am second from the left.

Image hosted by
me(on the left)

Image hosted by
lauren and i at band camp.

Image hosted by
junior dm Cameron. he plays bari and this is his first year(oh lord help us) being dm.

Image hosted by
sweet dm pic

Image hosted by
second from left next to dm on my right and in the green is the alto section leader.

Image hosted by
tenor player and i in stratford

Image hosted by

our sweeeeeeet DRUMLINE!
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