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Name: angel
Age: 16
Location: califas
Instruments played/How long: Horn (if you don't know what i'm referring to, then you're not truly a bando.) - ~3.5 years, percussion/timpani - 6 years/4 years, electric bass/upright (doublebass) bass - 4 years/a few months (stopped playing), piano - 1 month
Hobbies: practicing Horn or playing whatever instrument, internet, going to shows

Bands/singers: radiohead, café tacuba (cafeta), kinky, the blood brothers, maldita vecindad (y los hijos del quinto patio), weezer, zurdok, babasónicos, aus-rotten, (older) dashboard confessional, death from above 1979, horse the band, from autumn to ashes, los amigos invisibles, dr. dre, gorillaz, gravy train!!!!, julieta venegas, ely guerra, celia cruz, pj harvey, björk, (older) live, los de abajo, plastilina mosh, unkle, radiohead, radiohead, radiohead, radiohead, radiohead ... and for composers: beethoven, holst, grainger, holsinger, yann tiersen (amélie soundtrack), gustavo santaolalla (the motorcycle diaries; amores perros soundtracks)
Movies: amores perros, y tu mamá también, the crime of padre amaro, bad education (big gael garcía fan), american history x, amélie, but i'm a cheerleader, welcome to the dollhouse
Books: 1984, the perks of being a wallflower
TV Shows: good eats, dr. g.: medical examiner (and pretty much all other discovery health channel shows), mythbusters, the simpsons, family guy, robot chicken, futurama, mission hill (if you know what that show is, i will love you forever.), rocko's modern life, the adventures of pete & pete, hmm there's probably more

Thoughts On...
Abortion: a woman's choice. i am pro-choice.
Gay Marriage: if you don't like gay marriage, don't get one. i am a socialist, i'm for human equality.
Ashlee Simpson: don't care
Lindsay Lohan: anorexic
Each of the mods [be honest]: why does this question exist? i don't know them!

Promote in at least two places, at least one should be a community. Provide links:
At least three clear pictures of yourself:
el primero (old, no more glasses)

el segundo

el tercero

el cuarto (far right)

and since this is a band geek group, i'll post a pic of my love:
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