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Go look at our band pictures!
There will be more soon.
Comment if you have any questions & I'll try to explain the picture.
I'm the red-headed chick bari sax that always looks funny when I play & takes bad pictures.
My boyfriend is the tenor guy with long brown hair...Sometimes it's straight, sometimes it's curly. :D He got it permanently straightened tonight, so it'll be nice until he has to get it done again.

[click on the left where it says "photo album]

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Hey everyone at sexy_bandgeek_! For all those who love all forms of art including music, I am absolutely delighted to invite each and everyone one of you artists who are interested in learning or teaching music! This is a new community and I hope you will all join. Your talent would be a great asset to our magnificent community growing each day. I hope to see you all there: 1st_learnmusic. :)