This months theme: Pics of you holding some sort of sign.

We're too hott for you.

Sexxy Emos
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1. You can't be an asshole to the people applying. Criticize if you must, but no massive offensiveness or you will be suspended or removed.
2. Put your application behind a lj-cut. No one likes huge forms.
3. Put "i'm too sexy for you" in the subject line.
4. Bold or color your questions, so we can read it.
5. Anything else the mods say goes. So obey us!
6. If you click the "join community" link so that you can apply (aka...request membership), you must post an application within 5 days or you will NOT be added to the community. You can wait 5 more days and request again. Please post your application!
7. You may not promote other communities in our community. If you do, you will possibly be banned.
8. When posting theme pictures, put "stamped: theme" in the subject line please.
9. NO NUDITY! Or other vulgar pictures. I will ban you. No lie.
10. You must add the community to your friends list and be an active poster/commenter. I WILL check your friends list.
11. We love you.


Sexual Preference:

The Music
What makes you emo?
At least 10 bands you like:
All-time favorite song:
5 bands that you despise:
3 Favorite CDs:

Favorite movies:
Favorite actors/actresses:
Favorite tv shows:
Favorite books:
Favorite quote/lyric and what it means to you:

Describe yourself in 5-10 sentences.
What do you think is your worst and best quality?
5 things you love:
5 things you hate:
Best feeling in the world:
What's your goal in life?

Our Demands
Post a very funny picture of something. You can draw us something in Paint if you want. It just better be funny.
Give us a link to two places you promoted us.
Why should we accept you?

2 pictures of your face:
1 picture of your bod:
2 of your choice:

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