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_sexxxpot_'s Journal

Community with confusion and ridiculus rhythm
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Looking for a new mod

It says what it says. I (__fidelio) am calling it quits. Now its up to the members to choose who they think would be a good mod for this community. The rules for this election are
-If your already a member and you want to be a mod, write to the members of _sexxxpot_ telling them what you will do to make _sexxxpot_ a better place. When giving
-If your not a member but would like to mod, you need to apply and get approval from the members. Then write to them telling what you will do to make _sexxxpot_ a better place
-When applying to be a mod, put "I got what it takes to be a mod" in the subject box thingy
-Election day is August 16,2005. I will post all the applications for mod up, then the members who didnt apply for mod will vote on them.
-The winner of the election will be announced August 17,2005.
-I will mod up until the day the winner is announced. Then whoever wins will take over.

Methods Of Mayhem

1) Apply within 48 hours of joining or you will be banned.
2) Put "Can I have your attention please" in the subject line, just so we know your new.
3) Use an lj cut when applying
4) If we give you a banner that says "Accepted" then your in. If you get one that says rejected, use commone sense and leave.
5) Don't be a bitch to others.
6) If we say you're ugly, then you are, just deal with it.
7) If you're on the verge of being rejected, or are rejected, don't delete your entry. Thats lame-o.
8) Don't take this so seriously. It's just for fun, so don't get your panties in a bunch.
9) Must be 14 or older to apply.
10) Don't post or comment on other applications until your accepted.






Do you have myspace? If so, url?:


5+ likes:
5+ dislikes:
5+ Bands:
5+ Movies:
5+ Books:
Time era:
Thing you own with picture:

PICTURES (minimum of 3)

PROMOTE: A community, your profile, and a friend

Picture for members page

Accepted Members

-You can post whenever/whatever you want...
-BUT if you are posting to promote another community, you have to promote _sexxxpot_ to that community, as well. (if they don't allow promotion of other communities, then promote us to someone else)
-When voting, put "yes" or "no" in the subject line.
-Please put multiple pictures behind an LJ-Cut.


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