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Nothing Risque', Nothing Gained

Discussion of sex and all of its influences

Centuries of Sex
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All Members , Moderated
This is a community for members to discuss all aspects of sex throughout all points of human evolution. Nearly everything is welcome here, including everything from the repression of sexual urges during the Victorian era, the sexual revolution of the 60s, sex in history, and sex in politics. This is a place to talk about the way sex has affected the progression of medicine (from the first vibrator to viagra), the way sex has changed history (from Cleopatra to Monica Lewinsky), and the way sex has affected human interaction (from Chinese foot binding to singles bars).

Nearly anything goes, but I will lay down a few rules to keep things from getting out of control.

~This is not a pornography community. Pictures are allowed, but please keep it reasonable. If you are posting pictures that are graphic, please put them behind a cut.

~Be respectful of fellow community members.

~Anyone who consistently posts for no other reason than to be inflammatory and offensive will be banned, and, if they're not careful, smacked in the head.

~Please don't post solely to promote your community. If it is of a related subject matter, feel free to mention it, but please post something of interest as well.

~This is NOT a community to advertise your porn or web cam site, or anything else that can (and will) be grouped into that category. If you actually read the info, you'd see that this is a community dedicated to the DISCUSSION of aspects of sex and sexuality throughout the ages. Take your attention whoring self elsewhere. KTHX.

So that's it, happy posting.