Everything you've always wanted to know about sex..

..but were too afraid to ask

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COMMUNITY STATUS: Now open for membership. Apply today by clicking the link at the top of this page, and you will be notified if you have been approved. However, only applicants eighteen and over will be accepted [see rules below]. Make sure you read the rules before applying.


_sextalk is a community run by me, drinky0upretty, for all things sex related; whether they be tips, questions or stories (fictional or non-fictional).

-=Moderators as of 5/24/05=-
technical mods: boxsofrain &
artistic mod: dv8me


1. Anyone who joins this community must be open-minded, as well as respectful of others and their opinions, regardless if they are different from your own. There will be absolutely no flaming or bashing in this community, and anyone that doesn't follow this rule will be automatically banned.

2. All posts must be friends-only. This is for a very simple reason: privacy. The topics discussed in this community are for our members eyes only. A question or a story posted by a member might be of a very personal matter and does not need to be broadcast to the entire LiveJournal population.

3. With that being said, this is an eighteen and over community. Again, this is because there will not just be sex questions being asked, but instead stories and experiences being shared. These posts may be very racy and not suitable for anyone under eighteen. Anyone wanting to join the community must have their full date of birth in their user info, or else they will be banned.


I have some ideas as to the kinds of things _sextalk members will be seeing and participating in. As you know, this community is for those of us that really and truly love all aspects of sex, so these are things that you can be expecting:

*I was toying with the idea of group stories. For example, someone writes a paragraph of a story, posts it, and then another member will write the next paragraph, and so on and so on, until the story is finished.

*As some of you know, I [drinky0upretty] write literotica and on my personal live journal I have a special sex filter. I will be posting my sex stories in here as I write them and publish them at literotica.com. I'm hoping that any of you that write your own stories will post here.

*Weekly polls. Basically, voting on favorite positions, the ideal penis size, etc. etc.

*Questions any of the members have about all things sex-related.

*Sex icon-sharing, for any of you that are so artistically inclined.

So please, join and post today!

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