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in general... [[ 12 15 08 1:22am ]]

[ mood | curious ]

oh the weather outside was frightfulDo you prefer to make ze love, fuck, or just nakedly merge?

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poorly timed sprinkler system [[ 12 12 08 2:36pm ]]

[ mood | horny ]

oh the weather outside was frightfulFor those of you that have had sex in public places, what was the most embarrassing interruption you've ever experienced?

sinfull thouqhtz.

this post has a condom on it... [[ 08 05 08 1:14pm ]]

[ mood | distressed ]

...or, better to say, responses will be screened.

10:19 AM 8/2/08 · Heard on the burst of stuff I get with my morning news, alarm clock radio, that there's about 56,000 more cases of people infected with the HIV virus (since 2006) in the United States than was previously believed. This seemed as much a shock to the newscaster, who's repeated the announcement every 10 to 20 minutes, as it did to me. Even more of a shock, apparently, to the people that normally track these statistics who were blown away by this revelation.

So, I'm xposting this fairly heavily to get the widest range of responses to the following questions:

Do you use safe sex?
What is your preferred method of safe sex?
Do you always use safe sex or stop at some point with some people?
Do you also use safe sex for more than just intercourse?
Do you practice safe oral sex?

Individual mods of the communities I send this to, I hope this is okay.

sinfull thouqhtz.

Double Vaginal [[ 07 06 08 11:02pm ]]

[ mood | horny ]

Has anyone tried double-vaginal?  What did it feel like to have two men fucking you at once?  How did you get them both inside you?  Did they enjoy feeling another cock rubbing against theirs inside your cunt?  Could you stay connected to both of them?  Was it uncomfortable?

I so want to try double-vaginal someday.  I have a couple of guy friends I could ask to fulfill this fantasy.  One of them is quite wide, so I'm not sure if I could do this with him.

sinfull thouqhtz.

Hello.. [[ 09 12 06 5:58pm ]]

Newbie saying hi to ya all.
sinfull thouqhtz.

NEW FRIENDS!!! [[ 09 04 06 8:33pm ]]

Come to my LJ and add me to your friends list... I do will do the same... if you CUM and see me you may get to see some new pics... I posted more TODAY!!!

Tell me what you think!!!
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