Vianca (ster_zelfmoord) wrote in _sexified,

YES OR NO???!!!???

ok..lool, i'm new to this communiy crap, its my first so after i posted i realized i pt in the pictures wrong, so i'll redo the pictre part..sorry bout that..

crappy picture of when i was 11 and had short hair **gasp**

 mommy's wedding grrrr i looked fat there and stupid short hair 

daddy's basement ^_^

another daddy's basement

ewwww boyish

 i likee this one ^_^

im the kool one lol the other one crying is a friend

i think u already kno which one i am

stepdaddy is kool =P

 u know which one i am

black is pwnage


i know, i know, a million pictures, but im pick and didnt know which to pick, hope u like

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