Crunch'e and Kagest Plus Somethingsith (xfaerie_starsx) wrote in _sexi_plexi_,
Crunch'e and Kagest Plus Somethingsith


1. Name: Lauren
2. Age: 13
3. Location: New York
4. Why are you applying to THIS community?: I think it would be really fun to do. Plus, you said that you're more accepting and supportive. That's always great to know.
5. Where did you hear about _sexi_plexi_?: The cute core community
6. Who do you look up to (role model)?: Gwen Stafani. She's original and stylish. I <3 the person she is.
7. What do you want to be "when you grow up"?: A Math Teacher. Wow, how dorky?
8. What do you think is life's greatest mystery?: Finding out who you truely are.
9. What do you think are your best features? Physical and non-physical: Physical- my eyes and lips. Personality wise- I'm extremely friendly.
10. Drink/Drugs/Smoke? Why/Why not?: No to all. I'm straight edge and It's all just a way to slowly kill yourself.
11. Tell me something I don't know: I like red head boys.

Sign Picture (:

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