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Name- Katy
Age- 21
Location- Used to be FL, now I'm in Virginia and hating it.
Favorite Music- Rap/hip hop, r&b
Favorite Movies- Juice, Belly, Boys in the Hood,
Menace To Society.
How Did You Find Out About Us- A search.
What Makes You Think You Are A Sex Doll- Everything about
me makes me a "sex doll." ;) xoxoxo

let me break the ice


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Name- courtney
Age- 16
Location- east haven, ct
Favorite Music- rap / reggaeton
Favorite Movies- american history x, finding nemo, nightmare before xmas, scary movie 3
How Did You Find Out About Us- umm xodeadsilentxo
What Makes You Think You Are A Sex Doll- cuz i have a good personality and everyone says they like my eyes and lips =]

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Name- Paula
Age- 14
Location- Jonesboro, AR
Favorite Music- Emo/rock..
Favorite Movies- Thirteen, Mean Girls, Pirates of the Carribean, A walk to remember
How Did You Find Out About Us- Got invited
What Makes You Think You Are A Sex Doll- People always tell me I'm hot and I got invited? lol


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make me want you

Name- Jessi!
Age- sixteen
Location- westhills and san marino
Favorite Music- genres: classic rock, ska, punk, indie, alternative, r&b, jazz, industrial, pop, rockabilly, oldies, synthpop, metal, oi, electronic, musicals, hip hop, new age, doo wop, straight edge, psychobilly, hard rock, reggae, classical, soul, swing, 80's... i could name bands if you want me to, but there are a lot!
Favorite Movies- cruel intentions, american beauty, fight club, breakfast club, the matrix, donnie darko, ghost world, serendipity, life as a house, hedwig, pulp fiction, amelie, lost in translation, run lola run, miss congeniality, american pie, legally blonde, 6th sense, oceans eleven, the italian job, finding nemo, monsters inc, ferris buellers day off, 10 things i hate about you, resevoir dogs, 13 going on 30, mean girls, laws of attraction, slc punk, save the last dance, antitrust, something about mary, trainspotting, velvet goldmine, empire records [edit] pay it forward, the terminal [/edit]
How Did You Find Out About Us- the lovely xodeadsilentxo invited me (by the way, how did you find me?)
What Makes You Think You Are A Sex Doll- i'm not here to judge myself... i'll let you guys do the voting =D

new kid on the block

Name- cilla
Age- sixteen
Location- district of columbia
Favorite Music- !!!, interpol, mclusky, tv on the radio, the notwist, the unicorns, the walkmen, the warlocks, yume bitsu
Favorite Movies- city lights, harold and maude, igby goes down, and totoro.
How Did You Find Out About Us- [Bad username: xodeadsilentxo] !
What Makes You Think You Are A Sex Doll- i once had a sex doll. it was inflatable and technically my grandfather’s, not mine. and it wasn’t so much for sex as it was for show. but it was topless, and of course i am too. all of the time. haha so it goes without saying.

lantern lanyard
lantern lanyard
lantern lanyard

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never thought of myself as a sex doll..but ok?

Name-joseph [jojo, joey, joface, or what have you]
Age-18ish. [19 next month]
Location-austin, texas
Favorite Music-emo-ish.
Favorite Movies-trainspotting, lock, stock and two smoking barrels, snatch, and a lot of foreign films
How Did You Find Out About Us-xodeadsilentxo
What Makes You Think You Are A Sex Doll-haha. well..i guess because someone invited me. and my friend says "spider-man 2". [what ever that's suppose to mean]
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