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YOU: horrorofbeauty_
Name? Brandy
Age? 16
oh yeah? where the hell do you live? Linwood, MI
Piercings and/or tattoos? [ Feel free to post pics of any body mods. I like them :) ] have lip pericing
Do you smoke or drink? depends on what im smoking or drinking
Your sign? Cancer
Your religion? wiccan
Future goals and aspirations: Hollywood
Pets? 2 dawrf hamsters, 1 cat 1 dog
If you were a flavor of ice cream.. what flavor would you be? Mint Chocolate Chip
Fav. Bands (not in order)
1. Marilyn Manson
2. My Ruin
3. The Used
4. MSI
5. Jack Off Jill
Fav. Movies
1. SLC punk
2. Requiem for a dream
3. moulon rouge
4. ???
5. ??? (hard to think)
fave book[s]?
1. bio of marilyn manson
2. historival vampires
fave lyric and explain why?
hard to say..but maybe tainted love by marilyn manson cuz thats my fav song y him.
Ready for some fun? cmon, you know you wanna:
are you single?
no..dateing wesley for almost 6 months now
sexual preference?
female and sex is good!
sXe, why or why not?
what kind of sex is the best?
amuse me...?
depends (handcuffs good!!!)
What do you think about:
nething and everything
fuck war
cmon everyone does it rather they admit to it or not
u want it, go fer it
Gay marriage?
if ur happy w it, go fer it
Capital punishment? <- also known as the death penalty.
depends on the situation
leather couch's?
awesome..wait..what color??
The community shit:
Who or where did you hear about this community from?
u posted in my journal
promote us somewhere(someone's lj, a community, whatever. just post the link)
why do you think you should have the honor of us loving you?
cuz..i like sex???
say something random?
dib drank the last soda..i shall KILL him
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