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That will happen when your part reptile
ten bands:Coheed and Cambria, Bright eyes, The Format, Bob Marley and the Wailers, Say anything, the spill canvas,Reel big fish,Billy talent, Figurine and Daphne Does Derby.
five books:Lies and Lieing Liars who tell them, Mein Kampf, Johnny Got his gun, To kill a mockingbird and of course the Tolkein series =)
five movies:Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, Garden state, Blow, A clockwork orange and Full metal jacket.
one random photo:
three clear photos of you:

coke or pepsi:Coke
red or blue:Red
rain or sun:Sun
snow or rain:Rain
emo or screamo:Screamo
cold or hot:I hate extreme weather!...hot
how do you feel about...
abortion:Against it for a lot of reasons, i leave you with this accurate statistic...ONLY 1% of aborations are due to rape.
bush:Im conducting a debate right now against this man, what does that tell you
labels:I kinda fit everywhere..do to my extrordinary charisma, but if i have to label myself i kinda fit the emo steryotype.
gay marriage:I ENCOURAGE IT!..who am i to say who can get married
drinking/drugs:Completly against alcohol consumption but what truly wrong with marijuana..honestly?
what would you do if...
the world was going to end:Assemble everyone i ever loved and let them know how i truly fealt.
you realized you'd shown up to school naked:Leave as nonchalant as possible, only do to the fact that i dont want to get suspended or anything..not to mention indecent exposure isnt the best thing on a job application

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