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ten bands:Senses Fail, The Used, Death Cab For Cutie, Bright Eyes, Brand New, Fall Out Boy, Silverstein, Straylight Run, Matchbook Romance, The Postal Service
five books:The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Boy Meets Boy, Sloppy Firsts, Second Helpings, Don't Sleep With Your Drummer
five movies: Billy Madison, The Butterfly Effect, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind, Romeo And Juliette, Anchorman.
one random photo:

three clear photos of you:

coke or pepsi:
red or blue:Blue
rain or sun:Rain
snow or rain:Snow
emo or screamo:Emo
cold or hot:Cold

how do you feel about...
abortion:Im Pro-Choice. I think that if a woman isn't emotionally and phsyically ready to have a baby she shouldn't be forced too, I mean honestly put yourself in a pregnant womans shoes. People who say they deserved it make me angry, yes it was their choice to have sex, but who's too say that the condom they used didn't break? Or who's to say that the Birth control didn't effect it at all. Mostly I think abortion should be open to people who were raped, or are going to die if they have the baby. People say aborion is murder, but isn't it also murder to know someone is going to die, but not let them get their baby aborted? One more thing, I think if abortions aren't legal that more women will try doing it themselves and abusing their bodies, just let them have abortions and use it for something interesting like Stem Cell Research, which is helping not hurting.
bush:I'm not really sure what I feel about Bush, i'm not for him, but I was also not for Kerry. If I could've voted I think I would have voted for the little guy, or not at all. I don't like Bush for the main reason of him pushing his religion on us all by making gay marriage illegal and abortion.
labels:I think we overuse labels these days, i hate how people think most blonde girls are automatically "preppy" and how if you wear too much eyeliner you're "gothic". I think labels only belong on soup cans.
gay marriage:I'm sure you guys get sick of seeing this, but I believe love is love. If two men or two women want to get married let love be. I think that since gay marriages are against the bible, and not all people believe in the bible, that the people who are straight should let gay people be. I don't see any gay men or women protesting straight marriages.
drinking/drugs:Smoking like cigs. and stuff I'm not against. Smoking things like recreational such as marajuana aren't so bad untill your life depends on them,like you want and need them 24/7. But i'm 100 percent against crack,coke,and all those hardcore drugs. My moms boyfriend had a crack addiction and it made him crazy,i'm not gonna go in depth into it but i've seen what it can do and i'm against it. As for drinking every person in my family has been an alcohalic. I personally won't touch the stuff because I don't wanna end up like them. Just be careful it's really easy to fall into addictions.

what would you do if...
the world was going to end:I'd do anything I was scared to do in my life or even wanted to do and appologize to all the people i wasn't nice too.
you realized you'd shown up to school naked:Cry like a little baby, and run home.

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