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name: Lindey
age: 15
location: milford,ma
ten+ bands:
The Used
The Distillers
Taking Back Sunday
Jimmy Eat World
Hawthorne Heights
The Dresden Dolls
My Chemical Romance
Senses Fail
The Postal Service
The Offspring

five+ books:
Lovely Bones
A Child Called It
Harry potter 1 and 3

five+ movies:
Empire Records
Harold and Kumar go to White Castle
Garden State

one random photo:

three clear photos of you:
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
*got my lip ring taken out*
Image hosted by
diet soda or regular: diet soda
red or blue: red
rain or sun: both
snow or rain: rain
emo or screamo: both
cold or hot: hot

how do you feel about...
abortion: I would never have an abortion but Im not against it, it's the woman's choice not anybody else's and some woman can't support a baby and they might not want to give it up for adoption because it is theirs.
bush: He's not my favorite president, I think the whole war thing was to extreme
labels: I don't hate them but I don't use them much.
gay marriage: Im completley for gay marriage, I think if you love someone you should go for it, because it's not fair if other people have to live a life without a loved spouse just because the world doesnt like it.
euthanasia: I don't think anybody should have their life just shut off like that.
drinking/drugs: Im against them now, They dont do anything for you, I have had a lot of experience with both and quitting was probably the best thing because you realize that life is really good without them.
kids who join communities to give other people shit: There just making themselves look stupid and if their looking to give shit their actually gonna get shit.

what would you do if...
the world was going to end: I'd make sure the guy that I love knows that I love him and I'd hold him till it happened.
you vomited all over yourself before a REALLY important meeting: I'd probably still go into the meeting just clean myself up, I mean hey at least I showed up.
you became successful and had an unlimited amount of fundage but no one to spend it on but yourself: I would find someone. If I didn't then well I dont know.

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