August 14th, 2005


All American Reject concert Thurs. and Wax on Radio last night

I went to the All-American Rejects concert on Thursday!! The first band was "This is Me Smiling" and I don't even know if they were good or not because I couldn't hear them. But no one cheered, everyone was just standing with their arms crossed.I felt badly for them. The second band was "Number One Fan" and they were good. I bought their CD. Hot guys too. And AAR fucking rocked!! Hell yea! Tyson was so hot. It was great! Even though this girl by Colleen and me said she was gonna puke so Coll made me move. But that was before AAR. Tyson said that one of the songs off of 'Move Along' they wrote in Chicago.. And it's the best song, cuz it's my favorite. haha. And Tyson was crowd serfing and we almost got trampled, but totally worth it! To Tyson- I wanna be your groupie and if you give me the wife-beater you were wearing tonight I'll give you my first born. To the bitch who pushed me and blocked me- Bitch! You had BO too. To the asshole security guard who yelled at me when no one else was able to move- It wasnt my fault that you hadnt had a smoke in 3 hours. And you spit on me too To the hot guy with the mohawk whose ass I felt- Call me i went to the Wax on Radio concert last night at the Metro. We didn't get there until 8pm so we missed a lot I guess. We did see Villians of Verona, which were good, and we saw Wax on Radio, which was good too....
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