June 2nd, 2005

i cant stayover you

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Is it safe to say I'm in love?

And its with the boy that was going to
buy me green converse
that I met at the fall out boy show!

Augh, I had a feeling this was going to happen.
My boyfriend will be crushed when he finds out I love someone else.

And Cody(the boy that wanted to buy me shoes) said he doesn't
like me anymore, but since I told him that I liked him alot he
has been acting really funny.
Like a good kind of funny, he calls me when he's drunk and when he
wants to talk.
And he always talks about stealing kisses from me.<3<3
And I promised him we'd get drunk together and he's always
like, "No raping me..not like you'd want to." And I always say,
"I can't promise anything..And I so would if you liked me."
then he says, "Who says I don't?" When it comes up thats what our
conversations are like.

Guys or Girls help?

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