February 19th, 2005

Mod/ Fuck you

Here's the fucking deal. Bekah and I? We left emo_lyke_woah and brought people with us. Why? Because we were tired of fucking bullshit. If I had the time to go through applications in my email I would be way excited to deal with that fucking shit. But no. I don't. So if you aren't serious about joining, just piss the fuck off.

Oh, and another thing. Not only emo kids cut, and actually a lot of us don't. So you aren't insulting us, you're insulting at least one-third of the American teenage culture.

So if this keeps happening, I'm closing the community and that will be that. I'll start a new one without the word emo in the name and maybe it'll keep you stupid fucks out.

I am sick of you saying, "Oh oh so you label yourself!?" Well you know what? We are ourselves to label. You have no right to label us and tell us how whiny we are and all of that shit. Because honestly? A lot of us do listen to other music, we just wanted a community (that's where people talk about bands and music and what's going on in their life when they need help with something, that sort of thing; not where dumbasses make people feel like shit) to discuss the specific topic of emo, but you've all gone and fucked it up for us.

So ya know what?


i was reading fleeting sunrises post and she mentioned cutting.

1% of the intire population of the world (teens and adults)self injur in some way.

i'll come right out and say it. i am a cutter. it's not something that im proud of nor something i do for attention. anyone who says otherwise is just... ignorant.

in the high school i attend in florida (Coral Springs High School) i have started a sapport group for Self Injury. the name of this group is Operation Orange you can visit the site at www.operationorange.tk

please keep in mind that cutting or any other form of self injury is not something that people are proud of doing or showing off. people like me and many others have a different way of releasing anger, stress, ect.