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location:Gardner Ma
ten+ bands:Cursive, the postal service, jack's mannequin, senses fail, norma jean, brand new, the shins, the smiths, the cure,something corporate, from autumn to ashes, aiden, action action, the mars volta, (old) a static lullaby
five+ books:the perks of being a wallflower, catcher in the rye, angus thongs, and full frontal snogging, catch 22, the da vinci code, to kill a mocking bird.
five+ movies:slc punk, donnie darko, garden state, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, clerks, mall rats, walk the line, la bomba, thirteen,

one random photo:Image hosted by
three clear photos of you:Image hosted by
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diet soda or regular: diet soda, I prefer the less suagar rotting away my teeth thank you.
red or blue: ooh, I'd say blue, just because its the color of the sky, and I find myself staring at that a lot.
rain or sun:sun,weather to go out, and start shit
snow or rain: rain, because, i don't have to shovel rain.
emo or screamo:screamo, mmmhm!
cold or hot:cold,if its cold, you can just add layers, hott, you can only get to a certain point.

how do you feel about...
abortion:well, I feel that somehow its morally worng, but at the same time, if you where raped, or it was something un fit, then by all means, as much as its horrible having to kill a potential human being, some concequences are worth more, but if youre justa stupid skank going off fucking guys, and getting pregnant, then getting them aborted, either...own up to your own stupidness, or put them up for adoption.
bush:I'm not much for a man who makes a mocary of the english language running our country.
labels: labels, are completely stupid, and for the most part only used to make a person feel better about themselves. Isn't a name a label enough?
gay marriage:I belive that love is a touchy subject, with the religious aspects, i can see how you could be against it, but socially, and common sense fully, love is love, regaurdless of creed, sex, age, what have you, so all in all, I'd have to say, that although, i'm not going to sit here and argue if you don't agree, I am completely for it.
euthanasia:completly pointless, and a shame.
drinking/drugs:I mean if your 21, and legal to drink go for it, knock yourself out, whatever, but personally, I just don't like it, it makes you feel like shit, and then you waker up, feelign even worse.
kids who join communities to give other people shit:complete losers, who feel to have any type of superiority complex, such as high school jocks, they have to make other kids, feel bad about themselves, and all in all, are just looking for attention, and a moment of self agrandizing glory *thnak you to say anything for some of these words*

what would you do if...
the world was going to end: apologize to all the people I've hurt, and uh, probably, spend it with a loved one.
you vomited all over yourself before a REALLY important meeting: ball ym eyes out, and run to the bathroom
you became successful and had an unlimited amount of fundage but no one to spend it on but yourself:I'd buy me/ the parents a huge house, then a 57' chevy bel air, baby blue, and pretty much just chill.

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