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name: sarette
age: fifteen
location: connecticut
ten+ bands: five for fighting, kaiser chiefs, the decemberists, coheed & cambria, bright eyes, brand new, keane, better than ezra, elliott smith, ryan adams, beck, frou frou, the trash can sinatras, the shins, new radicals, three card monte, streetlight manifesto, hawthorne heights, beermug speakers, believe me i could go on forever...
five+ books: wicked, the phantom of the opera, the secret life of bees, the perks of being a wallflower, the lord of the rings, harry potter
five+ movies: garden state, eternal sunshine, i heart huckabees, the phantom of the opera, chicago, contact, catch me if you can, e.t., edward scissorhands, fahrenheit 911, closer, seabiscuit, rock ‘n’ roll high school, rocky horror picture show

one random photo: Image hosted by
favorite place in the world!!
three clear photos of you: Image hosted by
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diet soda or regular: neither... i hate soda
red or blue: red
rain or sun: sun
snow or rain: snow
emo or screamo: emo
cold or hot: hot

how do you feel about...
abortion: in the case of a rape or if there’s no way the woman is going to be able to support the child, then i would say abortion is okay... but it shouldn’t be an easy way out for people who accidentally get pregnant by just fooling around, obviously... as with all things, it depends on the situation.
bush: let’s just say that he and i don’t exactly see eye-to-eye when it comes to the environment and this planet... he is taking advantage of our resources and in the process is destroying us. he should be focusing on africa and what’s happening now in darfur instead of sending all our troops over to iraq... it’s practically a second holocaust in africa right now and he’s doing nothing about it. yeah, you can tell i’m a democrat.
labels: labels don’t bother me, just because i don’t let them. screw anybody who’s seeing everybody in groups based on looks or intrests... we’re all people and we all have feelings. if you’re gonna make fun of somebody for what they like then you’re truly a bad person... because everybody deserves respect. i guess the way i see it, you shouldn’t be bothered just because people say you’re in a specific group because you know yourself better than they do. i don’t let stuff like this bother me just because i have better things to do... but really, think about it... when you’re off in the real world and getting a job and everything, nobody’s going to care about what group you were in when you were in high school. yeah, there are plenty of people out there who are gonna make fun of you, but there are also a large handfull that you can call your friends, so surround yourself with good people and you’ll know you’re in the right place.
gay marriage: i’m gonna keep it short... all people should have the same rights because all people have feelings and identities and preferences. and if you can’t handle it, get over it because it’s true. this is life, and not everybody’s exactly like you.
euthanasia: i don’t think i ever really thought about this before. i would have to say that it’s your choice if you want to be put to death or not... but it isn’t your choice or anybody else’s if you’re mentally ill. but you know, medicine in general keeps people alive “unnaturally” and it’s legal.
drinking/drugs: okay yeah... bad / bad. personally, i’ve vowed to not do either. anything that distorts my thoughts is bad... ‘kay? period.
kids who join communities to give other people shit: haha i’ve never had my own community before, but i could imagine that that kind of person’s a real bitch to deal with.

what would you do if...
the world was going to end: tell all the people i love what i actually think of them, of course... use all my money to fly to as many places and see as many people as i can, then i’d come back and stay with my friends and family, eating as much of my favorite food as i wanted until the world ended
you vomited all over yourself before a REALLY important meeting: i’d walk in with vomit all over myself and hug everybody so that we would all be vomit friends
you became successful and had an unlimited amount of fundage but no one to spend it on but yourself: fly all over the world and see all the places that i possibly could, then i’d put aside enough to pay for my education and to start a film studio because i want to be a movie director... then i’d donate all the rest towards helping fight poverty in africa.

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