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Sentimental Reasons

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Hello, and welcome to Sentimental Reasons, the scans journal belonging to parisianpierrot. It's simply a place to host and archive my many scans from various books and magazines without having to go through the trauma of doing the html.

What you might find here:

-Classic movie stars (Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Judy Garland, Audrey Hepburn etc.)
-The Beatles
-Artwork from various sources
-Miscellaneous pictures

The rules:

If you use these images in graphics, please link back here. It's appreciated a great deal!

Do not put these images on your own websites. I've spent a great deal of time on them, so I'd really appreciate that, thanks!

Comments aren't necessary but really appreciated to tell you the truth. I hope I don't sound too mean =/

Please note that you must become a member to view the scans. It's not hard and I'll let most people join. =D


I'll update whenever I have time and whenever I have fresh images on my harddrive. I have a lot of books and magazines to scan, so I'll give it a go whenever I have the time.

Scans hosted by imageshack