A reason for some new self portraits:

I'm in charge of October's swap for varietist_muse. I'm late, but have extended the deadline to get the art to me until November 6th (two weeks from today).

Why not join, sign up, take part and then show the results here. Once on November 6th and once on November 15th.

I intend to do something fun, curious and fantastical. I know all of us here can do the same.

Please feel free to take part. No comments allowed on this since I want you to take part through there, thus becoming a part of that and using the results to post here.

Kisses to you from the Evil and Dreaded Dr Molly Black.
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I would like to get an idea of how folks want to proceed here so that we can get this rolling again. We have a list of themes (open to interpretation) in the user info section that we could ressurect. Or we could start fresh with intro portraits as there are some new people here. Do you want weekly assignments? What do you all think?