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Howdy, I've been a member here for a while but never posted. So I was just thinking, What the fuck, life sucks, i'm gonna write about it. Hell in the last few days I met this Girl that I somehow ended up liking allot the day I met. Then she ends up Burning me because she doesn't wanna hurt her best friends feelings, they arent even going out. >_< Oh yea a little after she told me that, me and my dad got in another fight an I kinda think he broke my nose. He is an assfuck. I hate him. By the way I have a key logger so sorry if he comes on compalinin everyone here is sick fucks or somethin like that.............Um.......Lets see. I feel like cutting so damn bad right now. I did a few small ones this morning but nothing bad, Um.......Whats a good way to get your mind off cutting? Well I'm gonna go, so bye bye
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