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Hello everyone! I'm Lyndzee, i'm 18 and I'm from Cleveland Ohio. I was looking through a friends info page and I saw this community and I wanted to check it out. Well I think I would fit in here... I don't exactly hurt myself, like cut myself or whatnot, but I emotionally beat myself up everyday, almost 24/7. Like I always feel like theres something wrong and no one understands me and I feel so alone. I really think I have Generalized Aniexty Disorder but I don't want to go to the doctor and I dont want to tell/talk my friends cause I'm afraid they will be like wow your a freak.. yeah know?! I have some really close friends who burn themselves and cut themselves, so I'm used to talked to people who just need a friend, someone just to talk to. But I always feel like theres not one there for me! I hope to help and make friends... sound good? Alright I'm out, comment or whatever if u ever just wanna talk.

<3 Lynz

PS~> click the link to see my picture. I'm the one in the blue dress. The guy with me is my stupid ex boyfriend who broke up with me on Valentines Day this year after 2 years... not fun. That hurt so badly. The other girl is my best friend Megan and her boyfriend Don. We all used to be so close cause Steve (my ex) and Don are best friends and Megan and I are best friends. But he broke up with me for a 16 year old chubby cheerleader @ my school, who I helped make the squad in the first place! LoL. Sry for writting so much! Later everyone!

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