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im trying to stop.
i dont want to but i dont want my friend to tell my parents so im gonna try.. at least for a while. so that when she comes here she doesnt have a reason to tell my parents.. yea, i know, i should just stop and never cut again but hell, i want to!
i didnt know that this community was about trying to help people stop when i joined.. or i knew but i didnt kinda get it or somthin. but hey, now youve got a chance to help me. so yea, im kinda asking for help now.. i didnt think cutting was that serious before my friend called me and told me that she is gonna call my mom and tell her.. i didnt think that this was a big deal! its just how i do.. if i dont cut i feel so.. empty and i wanna runaway. i hate that feeling.
yup, i know this is kinda fake, i know that i'll start again after she's gone and that i'll have to lie to her but.. theres a million reasons to stop, but i dont want to.
so, if you want to help me to stop for a while just tell me what to do instead of cutting.. please, no "go hang out with your friends" coz they live kinda far ((12km away)), i know i could easily ask my mom to take me there but i like being alone.. or online talking with my good friends.. just tell me what to do!

now you prob think that i cut coz im bored. nope. i have a million reasons to cut.
and you prob dont wanna help me now that you know that i will start again. ..maybe. im not sure, maybe you or/and my friend will help me so much that i dont wanna cut anymore.. okay, now im way too positive about this.

okay, im off.
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