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eh, im wikked sketchy on this community. like, i jus dont want my friends accessing it and finding out that i still cut. everyone thinks that ive stopped. but i cant, and i dont kno how. and i dont want to get help from friends bc theyll all b pissed at me if they kno i still do it. and this is where u guys come in.
i go to therapy n all that shit, they think i stopped cutting too. i straight out lie to everyone. but wutever. i dont cut as often, and im sure itll slow down ALOT more bc of summer time and bathing suits ect.
but i still need ppl to help. i cut like 2 days ago. and i didnt cut as deep as usual, but i cut way more. like theres a whole patch on my thigh that is jus red and cut up. theres no normal skin color, its all cuts. and on my hip it says 'hate'.
and i really need to stop. help. just whatever you can say to me, say it.
thanks in advance.
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