//&; Dee (lipglossed_lips) wrote in _self_injury,
//&; Dee

Hello. My name is Danielle. I'm 16 years old. I have been cutting myself since I was in 7th grade. So about 3 and a half years. At times I was suicidal and just wanted it all over with but I got help for it. I actually stopped for a little while but then I started up again. I really think it is addictive and yes, you can get help but there is always going to be some part of you that wants to do it. And people making you promise not to do it just makes it more tough. But, I am here to share my advice and help people so if anyone needs anything feel free to contact me. Either through my LiveJournal or through AIM. xEM0xDORKx. Thanks. And remember, your not alone.
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