Nichelle Morgan (gweneth_syeira) wrote in _self_afflicted,
Nichelle Morgan

Addict Life

Life as an addict. Wake up sometimes at 5-AM, crack open the first beer. Drink and watch TV till maybe 10-AM or later. By 1-PM, I’m asleep. Passed out. I wake again by 5-PM and start my ritual again. At least at 27-years of age, I smoke pot to length the space of beers.

Mondays and Wednesdays are my worse. Take for example today. Last night we went to bed around 1 or 2-AM. We woke again around 7-AM. Started drinking. Bed by 1-PM. Woke up 5-PM. Started drinking again.

I used to be some sort of athlete when I had a place to train in martial arts. Now? My only home is what I make of it. In alcohol. At least I haven't sliced my flesh in over a year, I got that going for me ;)

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