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Kenzi Jae's application

1. Name: Kenzijae. I prefer Jae, or K.Jae
2. Age: 15
3. Location: Lubbock, TX
4. Your Affliction(or past affliction)(cutting, eating disorder, ect.):cutting/branding 
5. Top 5 favorite bands: Fireflight, Decyfer Down, Sanctus Real, Red, Staind..  a BUNCH more
6. Drugs: Never done drugs
7. Top 5 favorite movies: Pearl Harbor, All the Final Destinations, Texas Chainsaw Massacre. (a lot of horror movies), The Notebook, umm.. having trouble thinking. 
8. Top 5 favorite books: Oh this is hard. I read SOO much.. 
9. Will your promote this community?: For sure.. 
10. Are you good with making graphics?: Nope, but i can take/edit pictures like a mad woman.
11. Favorite Song?: At the moment, Stand Up by Fireflight
12. If your life was a movie, what film would it be most like?: A drama/romance/comedy
13. Favorite Colors?: Teal, dark dark pink, purple
14. Tell us about your self: As i said, I'm 15 years old. I live in a very small town and my style isn't widely accepted here so therefore I'm considered and called "weird" regularly. Aside from that though, I am in LOVE with photography. I couldn't survive without my ipod. Music is kind of like cutting for me.. it helps relax me sometimes. Volleyball is my favorite sport, i play Labero. I don't really like sports all that much at all but I'm very small. I weigh about 98 pounds and am 5'1". I'm very social and I really enjoy meeting new people, especially people that live far away. I'm open to conversations about anything and I want to be a 100% supporter for people seeking help in this community. My AIM is purplezebra159. I'm super excited =]
15. Pictures of yourself (no limit, post as many as you would like):

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