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wanting to stop

Application ---
1. Name: Kathine friends call me kat
2. Age: 20
3. Location: louisville, ky
4. Your Affliction(or past affliction)(cutting, eating disorder, ect.):cutting
5. Top 5 favorite bands:flyleaf, ALANIS MORISSETTE, ALICIA KEYS, FIONA APPLE,P!nk
6. Drugs:done most of them but coke and weed are my favs.
7. Top 5 favorite movies:10 things i hate about you, daria (both movies) writscutters, shes all that, MILK
8. Top 5 favorite books: cut, anne sexton, any anne rice books, fingersmith,and many more
9. Will your promote this community?: yes
10. Are you good with making graphics?: no not at all
11. Favorite Song?: to many to say, bitch, all around me, much ike falling, like ull never see me again
12. If your life was a movie, what film would it be most like?: a cry comdy...
13. Favorite Colors?:black in red
14. Tell us about your self: im 20 almost 21, im going to school to be a hairdress, im a bad speller and i'm a bisexual. i deel like i have a about 5 different people living in my head right now. with all there own names...me(katherine) feels like im going crazy and needs help but most over the others feel like we have this under raps. i have been cutting for 7 years try killing myself 4 times...just looking for the fulling happiness( the one that last more then 5 mins or so) i have 5 tattoos (another way to full the needs to cut for me) and 10 pricing...8 in the ears ans one in the lip and one in the belly. yeah so...cant think of anything else right now
15. Pictures of yourself (no limit, post as many as you would like):


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