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as soon as i thought summer would be, it wasnt because, sorry guys, i took summer school.
i was thinking a beach day to kick off another attempt of meet and greet.
i was thinking of doing something the week after i get out of summer school [july 7]
i'll update with times and such so be prepared.
with all fondness,
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dear good members,

diana and i have decided that we are going to be elite, but with publication.
we need more people to start charlie letters.
and an adventure is coming soon and so is the end of school, which i am quite exctied for.
if there is anything you suggest please feel free to tell us.
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new kid around town.

Hi, I'm new. My name is Ashley and I'm 17 years old. Diana and Amy invited me. Well, I'm really horrible at these things but here goes nothing. I'm very much into music. My Top 3 bands (and that's all I'm going to list because the list could go on forever...) 1) Elliott Smith 2) The Get Up Kids (and my favorite song is not red letter day). 3) The Good Life, but that list is always changing. I'm also very into film. I would love to go to film school. I used to take photos a lot, I don't do it as much because I'm always running out of film. I'm probably the shyest person you'll meet, but that wears off after a bit. I have myspace but only because its the most addicting website on the Internet, otherwise, I really wouldn't have it. I play acoustic guitar, but I'm just learning. Um, I really don't know what else to say. I like sushi and I'm lactose intolerant. If there is anymore that would you like to know about me, just let me know.

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april 24 we can't go because the rocket summer is playing, but this should be a requirement

"The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is a two-day celebration of the written word and one of the country's premier literary events. The Festival is free to the public and held each year on the last weekend of April on the UCLA campus. The 2005 Festival of Books will be held Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The events will include special lectures by celebrated authors, book reviews, writing workshops, and storytelling at two stages in the children’s area. A panel of respected judges from the literary world will also be on hand to award the annual Book Prizes for outstanding offerings from the past year.

The Festival promises something for everyone, from seemingly endless rows of booths to exciting events and demonstrations on seven different stages. The Festival also features book signings by today's leading authors, poetry readings, an extensive children's area and books for sale.

The Festival of Books celebrates books as a valuable source of learning, information and entertainment, and is an ideal way to spend your weekend. Don't miss America's largest literary event!"
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come one; come all!!!

who: the conversation
what: are playing
when: february 05, 2004 at 8:30pm
where: at my house
why: because they are way better than great glass elevator.

if you want to come email me for direction at
i'll be there all day if you want to come early, except for my early morning bike ride.

listen here!
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