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I restrict all the time but never fast. I'm going to TRY to fast untill friday.

Any tips people??????
I'm scared haha!!!'

Has anyone ever passed out? how long were you fasting for?

Also I usually workout everyday...should I not workout?

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how's everyone doing??

I'm doing okay.
I started prozac yesterday and supposivelt a major side effect is loss of appetite and weight loss...so I'm hoping that's true. Although I thought I had heard it makes you gain weight....?? Anyone know? I fucking hope not....

I don't get it I've been eaitng no more then 1000 calories (I'm being watched like a hawk and forced ot eat meals but I eat as little as I can egt away with) and then burning 600-1000 of it off at the gym! EVERYDAY! But I feel like I've gained a pound or two...when I should still be loosing weight doing what I'm doing...

Temporary water weight? SURE HOPE SO


Who here has tried any type of pills to loose weight? Doesn't need to be a diet pill...

Did it work/ did it not work tell me your experiences so we can add it to memories!!!

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Ok here's the question of the day!!!

EVERYONE must answer and then if I think it's helpful I'll add it to memories

I was thinking....

Do you think you'd loose weight faster eating about 800-1000 calories a day and then burning all or most of it off working out than eating like 200-400 calories and not working out? Because really that means you're storing less calories the first way...

plus since you're taking more in and excersizing wouldn't your metab be ALOT faster? hhhmmmm I guess i just felt like i was loosing more before because I was ALWAYS starving.
I would eat less but I'm being watched... )=


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I'm so glad people are joining!!!

Keep promoting and people that haven't filled out the application in the under info please do so (=

So ugh I'm being watched like a hawk by family/friends/therapists and the best I can get away with is like 800-1000 cals a day right now )=!!!!!!!!!

Is it just me or does school make you 34534534534534553x's more hungry?

I'm still loosing though because I workout so much...I'm already at 900 cal today and my parents will definately make me eat dinner! SHIT! )=

gym soon for me....I'm going to try to burn 1000 but I'm soo tired

well I hope everyone's doing well

what now*

i hate myself.

i love my life...just not the person i am in it..does tht make sense?

i wanna lose 5 lbs by next teusday.

so im thinking 150 cals a day should do it. you think?

n e one wanna join? *comment*


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Hi! I'm Tasha and I'm the mod of this new community.

I plan for this to be a VERY active helpful and friendly community but I'm going to need your help =D


Every day I will ask 1 question about tips or struggles etcetc....everyone will be required to answer is and I will add all of these posts to memories so eventually our memories will be FILLLLLED with good information/opinions.