doscheekers (doscheekers) wrote in _secretlyinlove,

I'd like to pour my heart out.

I run away from those who actually care, into the arms of those that treat me badly
I wish I could get over my mistakes and go back to the person i used to be and the people that actually care
I really care about this boy, but i left him for a fling, and because I was unstable and believed that i couldnt
do anything for him. I made so many mistakes with him.
I truly miss everything about him, his honesty, his innocence, his independance, and his love.
He was everything that i needed, although he wasnt good in the aspects of understanding what i truly was going through
but he was always there for me to talk to.
He cared about me, so why did i really just get up and leave
Im in a relationship with someone that doesnt care
and im trying to free myself.
he doesnt treat me properly.
he doesnt deserve to have and hold me
I miss all the things i had
I want to have a do-over and go back to the pure love i once held...
I wish it was easier to do.
Im in love, but what can i do to really make him realize that.
I think he doesnt care anymore and I wouldnt blame him.

Someone that understand please give me a little advice i really need it!
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